About the Band

Free Lance is a high energy variety band playing all the favorite rock and dance songs that people love to hear

when they go see live music.  Comprised of seasoned musical veterans from the Detroit area, Free Lance boasts top notch vocals with solid harmonies, searing guitars and a rhythm section guaranteed to get your party moving.

Free Lance Line-up

Rob Gamblin - Guitar and Vocals                            Rob Byrd - Drums and Vocals

                Brad Johnson - Bass and Vocals                              Jim Jernigan - Guitar and Vocals           

          Rob Muccino - Sound Engineer                                Jake Reichbart  - Guitar and Vocals

Rich Zuniga - MC & Disc Jockey                             Travis Gamblin - Disc Jockey

​Bobby Langley - Drums/Sound Engineer                   Rob Gamblin - MC & Disc Jockey

**additional musicians/horns/vocalists available for larger events**

Event Information

Free Lance can provide live music for Weddings, Night Clubs and Casinos, Corporate Events, Parties, Fairs & Festival and almost any event that requires live music. Free Lance can also provide DJ and MC servicesto ensure that your event runs smoothly.  It's our pleasure to offer our clients a cool, hip and stylish DJ who has a sincere talent for entertaining crowds. Someone who can mix music skillfully, speak clearly with enthusiasm and energy and relate to every person in the audience.  Someone who can improvise throughout the night and adapt to every whim of a constantly evolving party and the needs of your crowd. If your event requires live music for cocktail hour or ceremony music for your wedding then check out guitarist, Jake Reichbart's Home Page for all your solo guitar needs.

Sound & Lighting

Free Lance uses only professional grade sound and lighting equipment to ensure the highest quality sound and

reliability for all live performances.  QSC Powered KW181 Subwoofers and QSC Powered K12.2 & K10 main speakers,

Midas XR32 Rack mixing console,  Shure In Ear Monitors, Shure vocal microphones, Shure digital wireless microphone, DW Drums, Roland Electronic Drums, Les Paul & Washburn Guitars

Music Man & Fender bass guitars and an energy efficient all LED light & Laser show. Every show is sound engineered byEQSEngineered Quality Soundto ensure you have the right sound and level for your event